Fundraising with Top Line

Top Line Apparel has been helping organizations with fundraising for over ten years. We work with all kinds of groups ranging from sports teams to missionary groups. We can provide you with a custom design on top notch apparel at a reasonable cost! 

How It Works

When fundraising with Top Line we make the process as easy for you as we can. We will make a custom webpage that your group can go to, to chose what items they would like. All of the orders will take place through the site so you don't have to worry about passing out order forms or collecting money. Members of your group will find it easy to come to the webpage, order the size and style of product they want, and pay there as well! 

What Happens Next?

Once all of the orders in your group have been placed, we will close the website and get to work on your order! We will give you your profits after the website is closed and all orders have been processed and paid for. 

What Items Can We Fundraise?

Any apparel! We can help you fundraise any apparel your group would like. This ranges from T-shirts, to jogging pants. We can even provide hats or dry-wick zip ups. Anything apparel that you would like to fundraise we will work with you to get it done. 

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